Nike Cage 3 shank cracks


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Doesn't seem to really be a problem.. but both of my pretty new shoes [left and right] bought on 12/12/17 have cracks across the plastic shank between the forefoot and the heel. I am hard on shoes..and these are soon to be sent back for the durability guarantee.. but, it is odd that these have failed in this area. I would guess many of you are experiencing this as well and seems to be a flaw in the design of the shoe and not a defect. The large logo in this area seems to add to the problem as this seems to further weaken the shank and is exactly where the breaks are. Also when going down stairs you could really hurt yourself.. i find that i catch the edge of the steps quite routinely on the shank while flying down stairs. The shank is pretty large on this particular shoe and could get you.. so be careful. On a positive note the new cage has a more durable sole than previous versions. These should make it to the 2 month mark.. i have played quite a bit in them.. 12 hours a week since getting them.


I decided to return my new cage 3s starting tomorrow! Why buy into potential trouble? Thanks swizzle for the heads up!