Nike Cage 3 Warranty Card


I bought Cage 3s from the Nike online store and they didn't come with a warranty card. I called the Nike help line and the rep said they are no longer using the warranty cards. I don't feel confident that that rep knew what he was talking about because he was trying to convince me that Nike has a 2 year warranty and not 6 months. Last time I did my warranty return I had to get transferred 3 times before I got to a rep that knew what they were talking about.

Does anyone know if Nike is still using the warranty cards?
Is there a direct number for Nike tennis shoe support?


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the warranty card is not necessary... punch in nike claim and it will lead you to the link to start the process for starting a claim. i have claimed many shoes i bought on clearance at a nike store which barely had a proper box let alone an original warranty card. merry christmas tennis fans