Nike calls Nick Kyrgios a loser. An outrage.


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Nike is by far the worst company that has probably ever existed. They make complete garbage products and sell them for far too much and the idiot public eats it up. Anyone that is affiliated with Nike or supports them or their products has made the wrong choice. I threw away anything from them years ago and will not support them. Federer made the right choice getting the heck away from them!


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Bryant was a billionaire who hoped to escape traffic gridlock by flying over the heads of his fellow citizens.

He'd be alive if he was a 'Better Commuter'.
He was going to LA from Philadelphia. How was he supposed to drive? Plane or helicopter are the two possibilities. He doesn't have a private jet, so he took a helicopter. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.


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If they are trying to use him as a positive example then they are just flat out wrong

His loser tantrums are even worse now than they used to be, and he his results have been getting worse year after year. He’s a rare player who declines through his prime physical years