Nike Cb 3.3 Clay


I get the ballistec in the clay court sole every year and love them. I have not seen Nike to ofter release a vapor in any other kind of sole than hardcourt. Here in the UK we get the ballistec in grass court and last year there were a few pairs of the 2k10 in grass at Wimby but hard to get. If they do release it, TWE will get it but on past experience I dont think they will.

Area 420

New Arrival

Just got them in the mail today, ordered on friday and here monday all the way from Germany?! booya

Can't wait to try them out on the clay.
sorry bout the massive pics btw...


available in the US?

I don't see the clay version on teh US site.... is it available here?
I often slip in my airbreaths on Har-tru. I would like to try a pair made for clay.