nike clothes sizing (shirts + shorts)


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hi, i have a nike t shirt and , short both large they were worn in 2003 by federer agassi etc.
they are probably a little to big for me.

so do nike always make the same size clothes, for example the new range now, are they the same size as they were in 2003.

im about 5ft10 -5ft11, with an athletic slim to medium build., should i get medium or large?

but my main question is if the sizing is always the same.


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As with many other brands, the sizing of Nike shirts tend to vary from season to season and from style to style. The only sure way to find it at a local store and try it on first. I bought some in M last year that fit me, but this year the L fits me better. But I also know some styles this year that I would prefer the M if I bought them.