Nike Court Zoom NXT


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Sabs wore the updated Challenge GPs early on in practice at AO but then switched back to the CZ NXTs like these.

David Le

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I think she’ll keep wearing the ZNXTs cause she’s used to them plus superstition probably (winning and making GS finals)


Did they fix the lace loop breaking on these?
Confirmed they haven't but my pair that i've had for awhile seemed to be fine... I just made sure that before I put them on, they weren't too tight slipping in and didn't tie my lace super tight.
Told a few mates this trick and their pairs have all been the same (after I went through 3 pairs)


Picked up a pair for cheap, hoping that they'd feel similar to the GP turbo, after reading someone's comparison on the other thread. Way less cushion. Disappointing. Clearly not the heir to the Turbo. Lower to court and not as clunky, if that's what you're looking for. Foot Dr. Zach made a spot on review. I should've watched that before ordering. The search continues.