Nike Holiday 2008


the shorts and capris are mostly the same colors I think.

if everyone really wants, I'll try to sneak some pics of the shorts, capris, and pants later this next weekend.


Awesome work Palikero!!!

Thanks for sharing those with us!

Obsidian and University Blue ... Hummm ... nice colorway...


Also, note that the Control Polyester Polo (Pic 3 and 4 of Post #1) has subtle horizontal stripes.

The stripes seem more evident in the blue shirt, but not so much in the white and black versions.


Thanks for the pics! Im not likeing the colours that much.

The power crew disapoints me because its exactly the same as the Fall power crew.

At least in 06 and 07 Nike made some small changes in the design.

Will Fed wear the polo with the line going down?

Really looking forward to seeing Spring 09.


it's way too early for this stuff. i'm surprised they even have a catalog already.
Considering the time to outsource materials, the several months of production and a couple more to ship through seaways ... I'm pretty sure manufacturer's have a 18-24 month lead time on these collections.

Retail store are usually 6-9 months ahead in their bookings.

So, no, it's not surprising!


The white Control Polyester Polo is for sale in a store called "innova sport" in México.......
i dont think so !!

1 point I'm from mexico and i dont see that polo

2 point and most important

this is Holiday stuff came on TW 1 october

it's impossible that have alredy the apparel :?


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Que tal Kike_Valerin

Que tal kike_Valerin....

Hola, esta playera la ví en Innova Sport deja ver si puedo tomarle una fotos; según el catálogo donde pusieron las imágenes es la que usa o usará Berdych; y de hecho la blanca, que es la que hago mención; es la que esta usando en el actual Masters....

Teniendo la foto, verá la manera de subirla; ya que soy nuevo en esto apenas me estoy familiarizando....



ok deacuerdo

en ke innova la viste?

em haber si te dejan tomar la foto jejeje

una vez tome una foto en sears y se enojo el policia pero le dije no no estoi tomando foto esk me llego mensaje jajaja pero ya habia tomado la foto

suerte y haber si en estos dias me doy la vuelta

lo poco que vi fue ke ai en inova tienen la de federer de wimbledon

saludos!!! y suerte :)


on the tennis store (Baltimore)

they have i like to tink all the nike apparel holiday !!!

just one bad thing

they dont have any pics yet :-?


i see have a lot of new warmups

one say:

Nike Clubhouse Warm Up Tennis

on goggle i serch the pic

and it's this

maybe I'm wrong

i dont know

we will have to wait.


yes !!!

maybe the one that looks on the store is other new color

or i dont know why they put that warm up

i have to wait to see the pics