Nike Holiday 2008


Yeah are the new polo's similair material to the manhattan polo's like the spandex mixed with the polyester and sphere on the back? I like it when nike makes their shirts a bit stretchy and with those little perforations in the shirt.


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Will There Be New Nike Sleevless Shirts For The Holiday Collection?

I saw some pictures on the thread. Those cartoon pics look like the ones that have been out all summer. Any Pics?


Nah I liked Fed's White french open polo, and Fed's night polo at the USO. All of the rest was pretty dull.


i dont think so !!

1 point I'm from mexico and i dont see that polo

2 point and most important

this is Holiday stuff came on TW 1 october

it's impossible that have alredy the apparel :?

As I said, I bought that polo shirt yesterday, in a shop called "GRABASA"


I like the light blue and the dark blue too. Anyone know how the shirt will feel? I love the material they used on the manhattan shirts, I hope they use the same on them.


Hey Guys Pro Direct Tennis Has The Federer Polos And The New Blue Breat Frees And Vapors In Stock Now!!!!!!!!

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Good news! The dollar gained 5% against the British Pound today! It was 2 to 1 when I bought the Rafa warmup suit from the spring. Around 1.8 now.

I do think it's interesting that this year the more 'aggressive' styles have been sold in the EU and not the US. You'd think it would be the other way around.


I am still trying to get my hands on the 2007 sphere spring crew M or L... Theres some xls on the bay for you husky boys


Wow....Federer's new polo is ugly as h*ll. Reminds of Yonex Polo.....Poor Fed.

I like the striped polo. Berdych was wearing it at the Thailand Open with the light brown color which is not available YET?


Looks like Rafa is debuting his new look at the end of season masters.

In November 2008, at the Shanghai Masters Cup, Rafael Nadal will unveil his new image. Leaving his trademark sleeveless tops behind, from November he will be wearing this new surf-inspired kit. UK exclusive to ***.com