Nike Nadal Davis Cup Crew.


Has anyone else got this top? I got it today and the flags not got the centre crest on the spain flag which seems a bit ridiculous?

Any ideas why nike would leave it with a half complete spain flag?


My 2 cents.

Maybe it is a question of intellectual or public property. Maybe you need permission from the Spanish government to display the crest in a shirt...


No it's a cost issue. That flag is still an "official flag of Spain" it's a variant you see often all over the country. For Nike to silk screen all the layers of colors needed to create a good looking mass market version of the flag with the seal might well be just too expensive.
I don't think it's a cost issue. It's true that the flag is still Spanish flag. They have several different types of flag.
The flag is a heat transfer material so it can be printed the another version of Spanish flag without problems.