nike oz open polo fit

hey guys, not sure if theres a similar thread already posted but i was wondering what the fit on the nike oz open polo is like. is it similar to the masters one? because i found that the masters polo was a tighter fit than the london one. and im presuming that feds french open polos and stuff will all be the same cut as the oz open one.

cheers guys


Hey there, just saw the thread :)

The OZ polo has a little larger fit than the Masters one from what I can tell (similar to the Wimbledon one), but I bought mine in the same size as all my previous ones (Wimby, USO, Masters) without knowing about it's fit, and it's just perfect for me.
thanks kramerica....yeh i know. the white, especially on the polos, makes them look so much nicer. i like them as is but yeh the white trim would be nice


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absolutely pissed that they dont have it with the white trimming too. Imagine how many people would buy the v-neck navy or charcoal top if they sold it with the white trimmings on the sleeves.
I want the OZ polo, in the color of the V-neck he wore at Indian Wells, with the white trim.

And I don't want to pay $65 for it.

I love that color. I don't even wear them to play tennis, mostly just with jeans or shorts.