nike+ running app, fitness watch, tennis


HI guys!

Several years ago, I was running a lot more and set a personal goal to reach 10,000 miles on my nike+ running app before I turned 65. These last few years, I have been playing tennis a lot more and running less.
Nonetheless, I personally don't consider it cheating if I get credit for my running around a tennis court and it will significantly help me get to my goal. The app used to be tied to nike products alone, then they partnered with apple, then they opened it up to android.

Currently I wear my android phone on my left arm in an armband while running. This would not be practical for tennis, left or right arm. I guess I need a watch. I probably would wear it on my right wrist, since I am kinda finicky that way.

Has anyone else done this? results? best choices? best values? I don't normally wear a watch, so getting a pricey watch because I'll be wearing it all the time isnt in the cards.

Many thanks in advance for the advice!


fitbit is a good option. they come in different width, so it isn't like wearing a watch.
Ii had a black fitbit HR (i think it was the 2nd version) for many years, the battery lasts about 5 days (at least) and was good at measuring the steps/heart rate and sleep pattern. it was managed by an app - pretty easy to use. you put it on and forget.

the Fitbit got old and i got an Apple watch to replace. the Apple watch wears like a watch and requires more frequent charge (a PITA coming from Fitbit...). one think i liked about the Apple watch is that it is like a 2nd iPhone and i can do some of things i need on the watch instead.... like snooze, mirror text messages to iPhone, Siri etc.... 8-B


don't think you can - they have not added Nike+ app to their partnership..

maybe other brand of similar device can work with Nike+ app..