Nike shirts

Do any of you guys own the Nike Control react polo in blue, the one Federer wore to Roland Garros?
the one in blue in that link

Or do any of you have the new nike one federer is wearing at the Aussie open this year?
the ice blue one in that link

I'm about to buy a new shirt and they are my favourite two and im tossing up between them, so could you give me some pointers to what they're like, and your opinions on what looks better, etc.

Cheers guys


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first of all this belongs in the wanted section...

i dont think anyone has the shirt federer's wearing at the AO right now because TW does not have it yet and not many places do either

it has yet to come out to all the nike stores and TW, etc...

i have that control react polo...the blue polo in the link you provided...but i'm not selling it, sorry...its a great polo

but no need! its still available in medium, large, and XL


i have the Fed shirt from the AO 2007 (ice blue)

1)It feels really light, because of the new fabric Nike have used in this range of clothing
2) just behind your shoulders, are (as i call them) sweat blockes, unlike the wimby shirt, there arent any flaps there are just special material for sweating
3)cool design
4)zip by the neck

any thin else just ask
depends on what you are looking for. The Federer French Open shirt is nice, I do find with that shirt that it pulls easier then other Nike high end shirts. I got Fall Control React Polo shirt similar to the current Fed shirt. Personally I like that material better. Find it weights a little more but less likely to pull. The only other comment, the spring AO shirt, has a zipper. Personally I don't like polo shirts with a zipper. Just my Preference.

If I had to list all my favorites after owning most of the shirts from last year's Nike line.

Winter Global Power Crew

Nice shirt, same material as "Wreak Havok Sleeveless", "Fall Trounce Crew", "Summer Sphere React Crew", and "Sphere React Rapid Crew". All five are favorites and wear alittle better then the others. I like the elastic quality and the small holes throughout the material. Along with Trounce, Havok, Global Power using the material with spider looking pattern in it. Look for this to be marked down after Spring line comes out.

Fall Sphere Macro React Crew

Different material more like a cloth like material. Generally pretty cooling and doesn't stick to much except for the back section under the macro react. Both of these shirts are pretty good.

Nike Men's Sphere React Game Crew

Very light, find the size to be alittle bigger when size XXL, which I wear. This more then the others two tends to get pulls more.
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what do you mean by "pulls easier"?
meaning the shirt gets pulls easier. The material of the shirt tends to get caught on things and this leaves marks on the shirt were the threads of the shirt pull through. This happens alot more with !00 % Poly clothing but some of the Nike line does it more then others.