Nike Spring 2007

does anyone know what federer will be wearing to Rolland Garros this year, and what colours will be "in" then, like blue was this year?

or have any idea of the Nike 2007 Spring line?



Spring line is already out man, go to and look at em.

Maybe you're talking about the Summer line, which I have no clue about.


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why did you create this thread?? use the search function of this forum, and there is already a nike spring 2007 thread...and its pretty recent too

next time make sure you search before ever making a new thread

what federer will wear at roland garros will be the summer line...and if you search nike summer 2007, you will see a thread on it....


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even so....that search function is a really useful tool here....there's already a thread on that too...and nike fall 2k7....