Nike Warranty... Does this qualify?


Long story short, I'm pretty sure the outsole on my BFIIs is well worn through, to the clear-grayish cushioning underneath. From my perspective, this qualifies for the 6 month warranty. I took a picture of the bottom of the right shoe, but I'm really too lazy to sign up for a flickr account or anything like that, so could someone take a look at it for me via email, or host the picture for me?

I read all the other threads about this, but I really want an opinion based on seeing the actual shoe.


what do you have to lose? put them in a USPS bag and thats probably about 8$ shipping(pair of shoes in a bag weighs 2lbs) outsole wore through the black and exposed the wite midsole and they replaced them...sounds like yours are replaceable...the risk is 8$ and the reward is a new pair of bf2...


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I sent mine back and got a voucher for $128. Mine were worn thru to the inside which is what it mentions in the warranty. Also you need to call them and get an RA # AND print your name and address on the box plus send in the receipt and filled out warranty card. Whew! Then you can only order from the Nike web site and they don't have BF II's. I think it's nice you get $128 voucher but the website has no choice for tennis goods