Nikola Pilic : Roger Federer Wouldn’t Have Been Disqualified what Novak Djokovic was...

Everyone loss **** time from time, humans have emotions. However you see at these emotions its up to you. For you hitting ball hard with anger into ball boy is not as bad as accidentily hit lines women with much slower ball. Well ok its your opinion.
I like Novak for his tennis play and for his behaviour outside of competitive matches. And i never call someone psycho when i dont know his true personality.
Djokovic is known to go into fits of rage, smash rackets dangerously close to people. hit balls ouside the court when he is mad, confront and insult members of the public, act like an entitled drama queen when he feels he doesn't get the public appreciation that he deserves (while engaging in cringe-worthy antics like the boob throw at the same time), defend controversial points of view, organize mass sporting events without minimal precautions while a pandemic is causing thousands of deaths in neighboring countries, etc. Not to mention his dad is a giant tool and a clown claiming that "God sent Novak".

What do you expect? Of course the guy is not Hitler or Pol Pot. But he is not Fedsl either.

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Federer would not have done it. That’s the difference.


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If the woman had been hit by Federer, I doubt she would have reacted like that to begin with. Lol. She knew what she was doing.


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Because hes from Switzerland not Serbia. I remember one time after Federer hit ball boy in the face about 10x time harder than Djokovic hit drama queen at USO, Federer smiled like this is nothing :) Nothing bad with the smile, we need smile more ;)
Misogynist !

He put her in hospital - LOL !


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He wouldn't have been disqualified because he would have never have hit the lines woman in the throat causing her to gag.


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That is not the part that was brilliant. I was talking about the Covid spreading part.
Few players got a lil bit sick and recovered...big deal. Much more financial aid was gained for resources in hospitals fighting covid...despite that we never heard that part.


That’s interesting looking at that angle of the video. Did that lineswoman just call a ball in? ND just lost the first set on that call, and he turns towards her and hits the ball at her…dang, that looks way worse than I originally thought. Please correct me if I’ve misinterpreted the events, but I’d say he got off easy.

And for the record I like Djokovic, just not all the stupid s&!t.


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This is b*llocks.

There is no serious argument against his disqualification.

He's actually lucky that his petulant antics haven't resulted in other defaults, over the years.

I think it was against Bautista Agut at the 2016 FO where he had a toddler tantrum, and nearly hit a ball-kid in the process. He was exceptionally fortunate not to be disqualified that day.


Most players and Djokovic have been more aggressive towards hitting the ball towards ball kids and audience before .
It is all about reaction of the Lady !

If there was a young kid who stood his/her ground and didnt fall down and smiled and Novak smiled back . This incident would have been funny for the commentators , as we have seen in many cases before ..( although I don't understand what's funny about it )

The moment the lady fell down as if she would die , disqualification was expected .
Even if the lady stood up and told the officials she wants to continue her job and didn't take medical time out , DQ wouldn't have happened mostly .

Federer himself said " this incident was unfortunate and that Novak was unlucky here " .

Initially , even I thought that if it was Fed ,he wouldn't be disqualified.
Now ,I think it's not about Fed or anyone , it is totally about the reaction of the lady . How she felt about the incident .

Kids/youngsters don't have ego , they laugh after being hit sometimes . Older people get upset on such incidents . The lady looked more upset . Her stare at Djokovic says Everything . :-D

As Federer says , " Novak was unlucky " .
No use discussing this topic anymore !
There was a cameraman who got hit and he acted cool towards the player and he said something like "Nah, I am fine". Play resumed, this man deserves respect that he did not try to profit from accident.

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If the woman had been hit by Federer, I doubt she would have reacted like that to begin with. Lol. She knew what she was doing.
Wow you guys are pathetic.

It's least some people like Novak....Its not like he doesn't have any fans at all


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Wow you guys are pathetic.

It's least some people like Novak....Its not like he doesn't have any fans at all
It has nothing to do with how many fans he has. She overreacted, and I'm sure got a nice paycheck from the USTA after her performance.

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Djokovic deserved to be disqualified. Whether others would be is irrelevant. Only totally biased individuals thought DQ was too much. Ofcourse Pilic is one.