Nishikori’s Wimbledon Air Zoom Vapour X


By some means or another my cousin has ended up with Nishikori’s Air Zoom Vapour Xs from Wimbledon this year and I was wondering if anyone could suggest how much they are worth and what the best way would be to go about selling them. Thanks in advance.

I’m having trouble attaching an image of the shoes but they are visible in the image at the top of this page: https://**********.net/kei-nishikori-bids-for-second-wimbledon-quarter-final/
If it’s unused, probably $200-300 since it’s grass shoes but if it’s used, probably less than that.
Big auction site will be the best way to sell but PE shoes are hard to predict prices since die-hard fans might be willing to pay more than my estimation. A little surpassed that Kei wore more like vapor x shoes for Wimbledon instead of customized vapor 9.5. If it’s real Nishikori shoes, tags should indicate his initial and marked as “sample”.
I have his customized shoes for 2017 Australian open shoes and different than retail version of vapor 9.5.


Put it in aspect for you. A pair of Grigor Dimitrov’s grass shoes just sold on the big auction site for £50...