Nishikori: serve racket and receiving racket?


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Watching Kei Nishikori tonight: Commentators mentioned he uses two different rackets for serving and receiving. Anyone know the specs for these two rackets?


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Someone used to do this a long time ago. Either an Argentinian or Italian player. Saw him at the USO give ball boy his other racquet when he left his chair.


one Could be softer than the other due to his injury. At least Looks like the same paintjob.


I can think of only one good reason for this: if the opponent is a big server, and he wants a bit higher tension on return games or points.

This is indoors, but on outdoors with heavy wind conditions, maybe…

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This must be the Mirnyi influence. Mirnyi used to have a racquet for serving and a racquet for returning. I ballpersoned for him and remember putting a racquet by his towel and switching it after a game. Strings looked the same. I imagine they’re different tensions.