No matter what happens in the French Open final,Federer's greatness will always remai

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  1. Prithvi

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    Apr 7, 2009
    Roger Federer is standing on the verge of creating a history as a win over Robin Soderling today will confirm his status as a 'Legend' in the tennis history books.

    Now that he is into the finals, the equations have all changed but ironically, just a month ago he was totally written off as someone who may never win a slam again, or that he is past his prime. Ofcourse, there were a few exceptions too in some firm believers of Federer's talent and charisma. The other day I came across this really nice article - <a href="">The Agony and Ecstasy of Roger Federer</a> about how Federer still has some gas left in the tank to pull off another Grand Slam or two to say the least..!

    The drama actually started with <a href="">Federer's loss in the finals of Australian Open</a> when he lost to arch nemesis Rafael Nadal in five tough sets. His emotional meltdown in front on millions left the tennis world wondering whether he is capable of winning big matches at grand stages or not..........

    His subsequent <a href="">losses to Novak Djokovic in the semifinals of Miami Masters</a> and Andy Murray in Indian Wells left everyone wondering about the Swiss star's calibre to get past the young guns of the tennis world.

    However, the 2009 French Open has apparently brought the best out of the Swiss star. His road to the finals has been nothing less than a herculean task, which he duly finished. Federer survived the <a href="">second round scare against Jose Acasuso</a> just to prepare himself for the next big one.

    <a href="">His match against Tommy Haas</a> is one of the best performances the tennis world have seen from Roger in the past few years.

    After initial struggle from Monfils, Federer was able to dash the hopes of home crowd by beating Monfils and then there was this <a href="">superb semifinal against Juan Martin Del Potro</a> who not only brought the Argentine tumbling down but also some Tennis pro like, the only site that gives live point by point description of major matches and superb technical analysis.

    Perhaps it was the Federer-mania that brought down.

    So far, two of his <a href="">matches against Frenchmen Paul-Henri Mathieu</a> and Gael Monfils have been the most impressive and dominant victories in the draw so far. The <a href="">straight sets routing of Gael Monfils</a> not only proved his edge over young blood but also confirmed the fact that Federer is here to stay.

    No matter what happens in the French Open final,Federer's greatness will always remain intact in our heart.....!
  2. batz

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    Jan 9, 2009
    Now I really hope Roger wins today and gets that career slam, but this is sickbag material.

    You make him sound like Princess Di.
  3. hewittboy

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    Nov 30, 2006
    His greatness is already there, but his degree of greatness will be largely determined by today. There is no getting around it.

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