Please, i am not trying to bean to all the women tennis players ou there but i reallycant stand watching williams sisters match on ESPN, Please no more !!!!!! i am really sick of it , show some good mens matches,,,,now that roddick and agassi is gone they showed venus and capriatis' match SUCKS !!!!


From what I think I saw for tomorrow's schedule, it will be all women's matches except for Moya. And a repeat of Serena's match from today. I can't stand watching the women's matches either though, I wish they would show some great men's matches. A repeat of the Safin match would be awesome, but they better show the end of it tomorrow. Next week we will finally see some of the good men players for sure. But I am still a little miffed at all the American mens tennis haters that were so happy when the Americans lost. It hasn't exactly had the results tv-wise that they predicted.


Yeah Moya will be on at 11 on ESPN supposedly, but I will watch Sharapova first. Actually I think I'll get up and hope they show the end of the Safin match, presuming that it will be on early.

Matt H.

well, let's see. Today they showed Serena. They replayed it in the afternoon at the end of the broadcast. It's now 1:50 am in the East, and the Serena match is being aired on ESPN2.

Tomorrow at noon they're showing the Serena match again.

Seriously, i want to walk into ESPN's production booth for this tournament and freaking slap the executive producer around for a few minutes. 4 times they're gonna show this match....4 times. :roll:


Watching Serena and kirilenko wasn't bad.. Kirilenko is a diva!!! :lol:


Serena gets ratings. Hate to break it to you all, but they don't give a d@mned about showing a good match. It's like us Nuggets fans who don't get to watch our team until the playoffs because they want to show Houston and Yao all the time.


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Isn't Coria playing Ancic tomorrow. :( That should be great match, and they will likely put some junky woman's match in place of it. Maybe, if they made real matches a priority the fans they are looking to draw will come. People like good entertainment, not Williams sister snooze fests(Sorry, I just had to take a page out of Safin's book.). It is very odd, we had to endure the latin craze that was pushed on us in music along with movies, but they will not allow for an international tennis player following. If any of you D---kless ESPN geeks are reading this by some miracle, just put good matches on. You know, long rallys, long sets, great shot making, and lots of emotion. Just show the Williams sisters on the weekend, the weekdays belong to real tennis fans. Show it, and they will come.