No one defended their GS title this year?

Mr Topspin

It has been noted by some observers that this year represents the year of change. Whether you accept that or not - there has been some changes in the tenis scene.

Last year the grand slam champions for both men's and women's singles were as follows:

AO Djokovic Sharapova

FO Nadal Ivanovic

Wimbledon Nadal V.Williams

US Federer S.Williams

This year the picture is diiferent.

AO Nadal S.Williams

FO Federer Kutznetsova

Wimbledon Federer S.Williams

US Del Potro Clijsters

There are new champions from last year and i see this trend continuing.
It will be interesting to see who picks up all 4 titles next year as the competition is getting stronger.


Hall of Fame
Interestingly this year for both men and women's only one number 1 player won a slam. (Federer was ranked 2 for both FO and Wimbledon), namely Nadal.

In fact in the last 2 years on the mens side only 1 player won a slam while ranked 1, and that is Nadal.