No ranking changes from before WTF to after it?

Looks very possible, although still marginally odds against:

1. Djokovic confirmed both before and after.
2. Nadal confirmed before and after.
3. Federer confirmed before and after.
4. Del Potro before, but Zverev overtakes if he beats Isner tomorrow (which is likely) or goes through in third but wins his semi-final (which is less likely). Anderson and Cilic can claim the #4 spot by winning the title, but neither is likely.
5. Zverev before, but could go up to #5 (likely) or down to #6 (unlikely).
6. Anderson before and likely afterwards.
7. Cilic before and likely afterwards.
8. Thiem before and likely afterwards.
9. Nishikori before and likely afterwards.
10. Isner before and likely afterwards, although he could go up a spot if he beats Zverev tomorrow (which is possible but unlikely), makes the semis as a result (which is possible), and then wins that semi (which is unlikely).

All in all, the only ranking change I'd say is likely is Zverev overtaking Del Potro, and even that is by no means guaranteed.

Has there ever been a WTF that led to no ranking changes at all?
Okay, so one ranking change at least: Zverev will over take Del Potro. But unless Anderson wins the title, that one will be the only ranking change during the tournament.

Also, both groups finish in exact ranking order.