Nole Played It Smart To Win IW Title


Hall of Fame
I couldn't help notice how smart Novak played the set from 6-5 down to Fed. I'm guessing he decided to change to a slower tempo because in the last game of the set he never ripped a ball like he did in the previous games. He just got the ball in. He must have known Fed would be nervous(I know...crazy) and he was. Fed couldn't cope with the tempo change nor the moment. Even in the tiebreak Novak kept up with the slower tempo. One ball he put a little extra on...and missed. Great job of thinking through the match to Novak. Even though I'm a huge Fed fan, he just got out-smarted today.


Fed was too nervous on the big points today. And this surrendering a set instead of going for the kill needs to stop cause he ain't gonna keep pulling a rabbit out of the hat, that's what Nole is good at. Fed should've nailed him in set 2 esp when he got away with so many holds playing poor tennis.