Non-severe ankle injury, I think

I'm a 26 yr old 5.0 singles player and Thursday night just before my singles match started (I was on the court right about to start warming up with the first ball), I felt this slight twinge on the outside of my left ankle, almost like a little muscle moving incorrectly.

During the match, I wasn't as quick to accelerate or move as normal, there was really no pain that I could feel, but I just wasn't as fast.

These last couple days, I've been trying to do 'ankle circles' like arm circle stretches but with my ankles and I noticed that the same left ankle is very slow in completely the circle compared to my right one, and my left ankle feels more tired when I'm sitting at my cubicle at work, no pain, mostly just discomfort, almost feels swollen.

I could walk fine, ankle feels better once shoes are off. I have a doubles tourney Sept 17th and not sure if I should practice or rest. Trying to diagnose what this is. I looked at my left foot, there's a slightly bigger ankle bump than the right one and there appears to be a bump about 1 inch in diameter and a few mm high about 1 inch to the left front of my ankle bone that pops out on my left foot, and not there on my right one.

Excuse my lack of ankle terminology as it is not my expertise. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

i'm not exactly sure, i was standing straight up when i felt the light twinge, it is getting slightly better, ankle doesn't get tired fast anymore, i haven't been on the courts since last Thursday when it happened and i posted. i'm going to try doubles this Sunday with a mcdavid ankle support hope it goes well


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I'm no physical therapist so this not official by any means ha but I've had numerous ankle injuries and subsequent physical therapy sessions... it sounds like you probably had a mild sprain or just irritated some tendons. I'd keep trying to do the ankle circles you were talking about but with your ankle elevated as much as possible. While elevated do 30 clockwise, 30 counterclockwise, 30 ankle pumps (just flexing front to back), and then trace the alphabet with your foot 1-2 times, and then if possible ice it down for 5-10 while still elevated. This will help not only loosen up your tendons and restore mobility but by having it elevated it helps to drain and pump out any inflammation you may have. Hopefully that will help speed things up for you, there's also some strengthening exercise to tighten up the outside ligaments of the ankle if you need more stability.