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    NorCal created a survey to solicit feedback on some USTA league issues. Results are out and can be seen here:

    Some of the interesting parts:

    1. Majority like the competitive aspects of league and would rather have a playoff than just crown the winner of each local area regular season - see questions 4 and 10.

    2. Majority have no problem playing weaker competition - see question 6.

    3. Majority thinks self-rating irregularities are common, and a significant amount think it is routinely abused - see question 7.

    Me personally, I find it amusing that the majority is ok playing weaker players but is so concerned about the possibility of playing a stronger self-rated player. I think people are too focused on winning playoffs versus improving and enjoying the game. But that's just me and clearly the majority opinion is not with me.
  2. dudeman01

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    Oct 4, 2010
    I can see why some people don't mind playing weaker competition because a lot of first-year bump-up's are getting creamed by average, mediocre but experienced guys at their rating.
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    2. Even the last ranked teams have semi good players so it's not like the whole team sucks all the time.

    3. self-rating is abused. it's a lot more apparent in combos where you have 3 matches instead of 5.

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