North American hard court season the most competitive season right now: Are you ready?


Now that Wimbledon has ended, the North American hard-court season is now the most critical season of the year. Playing on hard courts equals the level playing field for most of the players. This year is going to be the most competitive. Djokovic is feeling the chance to win it again at remarkable 17 GS and Rafa is itching to close the gap at 19, even though the grass, not his best surface, stats have shown that he is a great hard courter on the US Open courts. Federer is feeling the close of the Nadal and Djokovic coming and after seeing his remarkable run at Wimbledon, the pressure is going to be his biggest motivation. We have the young guys coming playing on a hard court helps their chances and since US Open loves underdogs the chances are there for them.

On the WTA it is an open field for everybody but with Serena winning her 24th in her home country will be the sweetest end to her season. There are going to be hungry underdogs on the WTA side.