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    I just wanted to point this out. I think when debating about the GOAT part of the arguments come from HOW people are rating the players. These are the measuring sticks that I use and explanations of each.

    Slam count: pretty self explanatory Winner = Federer

    Alternative achievements: davis cup, olympics, masters titles, etc. Winner = Rafael Nadal

    Eye Test: player just looks good. effortless, no sweat, you see player do things that no other player can do. Unfortunately I think what makes Rafa exciting to watch hurts him in this category. Federer just looks more calm, collected, and graceful on court Winner = Federer

    Consistent Level of Play: player consistently wins matches, has amazing streak records (time at no. 1, matches in a row, calendar slams, etc.). I would say that this one creates the most debate. I would say it comes down to 3 players, Rafa, Fed, and Djoker. Considering the they are all still active on the pro tour, only time will tell who wins out. Winner = Federer (for now...)

    Peak Level of Play: player reaches a point at which no other player could beat him. Has to be maintained for at least the duration of one match. This is where you hear names like Safin and Nalbandian. For this one I have to go with Safin. In 2005 Federer was truly unbeatable. Fed won 95.29% of his matches (no thats not a typo). Safin beat him in an epic Aussie Open Semi. Watch it on youtube if you haven't seen it. Winner = Safin

    Matchups: have all the goat players face each other in a round robin tournament IN THEIR PRIME and ON GRASS, CLAY, SLOW HC, and FAST HC and see who the winner would be. Sometimes there are just bad matchups like fed v rafa (1hbh vs heavy spin). So unique matches are important. Lets say Djoker, Safin, Fed, Agassi, Sampras, Rafa. Throw out Sampras due to the clay. Djoker couldn't even beat 2008 Safin let alone Safin in his prime. Agassi is tough. Safin beat him at Aussie and French tho... Safin also beat Federer in Feds prime (2005). Granted Safin would lose some matches here and there, but he would certainly have the most wins. As for Safin v Rafa, my guess is that Rafa would remain unbeaten on clay. Safin would win Slow HC and Fast HC. Grass would be a toss up. If only we had a time machine and could see 2005 Safin v Rafa. I'm gonna get flames for this but... Winner = Safin (maybe Rafa).

    Entire tour: have the goats take on every atp player in existence for the past 10 years. Who would have the most wins? This one would have to be Roger Federer in his prime or possibly Rafa in his prime and healthy Winner: Federer (maybe rafa)

    Playing for your life: who would you choose to play for your life? What player has the most heart and won't break down mentally? For me this would be Federers worst category. A lot of people would say Pancho Gonzales, but that was before my I would say Safin or Rafa. Rafa is pretty self explanatory. For those who don't know much about Safin....He didn't like tennis. Not like Agassi who is still involved in tennis and married a tennis player. Safin is in politics now! He really didn't like tennis. He's had issues with focus because talent does not equal desire. If he wanted to win for revenge, a bet, or needed the cash he was amazing. I think fighting for someones life would be plenty of motivation for him. Winner = Safin (maybe Rafa)

    So when its all said and done. I would say that Safin, Rafa, and Federer win most categories which is why they are always in the discussions. Safin is the odd man out because his talents can't be quantified as easily as simply adding up grand slams or masters titles. You have to actually watch him play. So who is my GOAT? I always vote for one of these three. I would say that I vote for Rafa the most though. I do think that he will surpass Fed in the Grand Slam count. He's dominant in the head to head with other GOAT players. I wish Safin and Nadal were from the same era :cry:

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