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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by racquet_jedi, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Jul 2, 2007
    Ok, let's say you have a Babolat Pure Drive that has a flex rating of 70 and a Wilson Nblade with a flex rating of 58/60. If you hit with both of them, will you notice a significant difference in feel, assuming you don't have the sensitiveness of Pete Sampras?
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    The only one who can truly answer this question is YOU. Try it and see if one of those racquets leaves your arm in a cast or not. But if you ask me, yes, there is noticeable difference even between a 58 and a 60 flex and I am no Sampras or even a top 700 ranked player :)
  3. fuzz nation

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    Oct 20, 2006
    This is a tricky issue - I've been wading through the murky waters of frames with more flex than my old Prostaffs and the RDC ratings on individual models don't tell the whole story. A frame that is rated with a flex in the low 60's may feel a whole lot softer than another with a rating in the high 50's just because that overall rating doesn't indicate where the frame does most of its flexing. It may be evenly dispersed, more up toward the head, or more in the throat (I think they also call that area the yoke).

    The nBlade (rating 58) is an example of a flexible racquet, but it has a bit of crispness in my opinion and I think this comes from a sturdy hoop. The head on a Volkl C-10 Pro seems to have more flex in the head and feels pretty darn soft to me despite its rating of 63, but I also have a Prince NXG mid (rating 61) that literally feels soft enough to be rated down around 54.

    String type and tension obviously contributes to a firmer or softer feel, but the flex ratings on frames, at least for now, are only guidelines as I see it. They'll put you in the neighborhood of a certain flex in a racquet, but you still have to have a go with it to see if the feel and performance are a fit for your game.
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    Heck, I can tell the differences in flex in the SAME racquet, nevermind different ones.

    Some people are sensitive, some aren't.

    One guy told me that ALU Rough played exactly the same as NXT tour. And who am I to argue with him?

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    Apr 8, 2006
    I would say that majority of tennis players can distinguish the feel between a PD and a Blade, provided that other factors (mainly string/tension) remained the same. 10 RA point difference is quite large and easily noticeable.
  6. RoddickistheMan

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    Jul 23, 2007
    You can feel the flex when you return hard hit balls slightly outside the sweetspot. The racquet sort of wiggles in the hand. A stiff racquet doesn't do this at all and you actually feel your wrist get pushed back a little bit or the strings flex more. I noticed when I compared a pure storm and a pure drive. The drive doesnt flex at all while the jiggling sensation occurs frequently with the storm.
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