Novak and the changes - is he done


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Novak yes a lot of.comments about him being done

But these are the factors

Physically looks slim and not strong

Service motion redesign.. cannot serve with same speed and accuracy

Change of frame - less visible lead and
18*19 pattern instead of 18*20

Hitting balls long

Cannot make returns of service like he used to .possibly linked to lack of training and chnsge in racquet ...

Once he sorts the above out he will play better but I think he's lost and needs Marian vaider back


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Yes he has changed his frame at the very least changed to 18*19 and less visible lead. This happened earlier this year but I took a picture of his frame last night and counted the less strings and also the less lead. Have the picture but a lot of ppl are aware of his change in cross strings as in the holes to 18*19


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He cannot get the same torque on the serve with the new motion as his right hand used to lag when serving . Now it doesn't

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Where's the Told You So @ ? Being Humblerer much like myself after my #1 Fed aspirations were proven :D. Today, it's gonna be more like a Djokovic win.

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