Novak Djokovic and the Art of Hitting Deep


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I'd like it myself if people only wrote quality posts, or didn't write at all.
And its like this on all the boards, all over the internet. Just as like you'll find someone speaking just for the purpose of speaking in real life, so it'll happen here.
There is no way for certain people to realise that your own feelings shoud not affect your judgment, and its hard to that when it comes to things that are very personal. I get that. No matter how sensible you think you are, there are situations when you have to be biased all the time.
But over the freaking tennis, football, basketball affiliations??!!
If I didn't know no better, I'd say all of those posters are just trolling. And whats even worse, people are just feeding the dorn things...


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Jelena or not, it makes perfect sense to a reasonable person.
And no, I ain't no Jelena, and ain't no fanboy of nobody on this planet.
I just have huge respect for certain persons, for their achivements and legacy. And I try not be biased as often as I can, but even when I am, I'm not trolling, which is the message of my previous post...


Many guys here appear to label "push" as a negative, uncool shot. The reality is the ball doesn't care what kind of strokes that hit it. Djoko return the ball with decent pace and very good depth, it deep enough to take time away from Fed but it not flat-out powerful for Fed to use the pace for his off the bounce BH flick. This is the trick that Djoko can expose Federer's BH. Many players attack Feds BH with huge shots but it just feed into Federer's ability to use the pace and redirect the ball. Djoko's top spins give Fed not enough time to step round for FH but not enough pace so he has to generate his own pace and it's not possible for 1HBH to generate pace off the bounce, now that the art of Djokovic's BH, not just the depth but controlled various pace.


It's abundantly clear this philosophy has been the key to his 2015 and early 2016 success - "ceteris paribus" of course.
Requires a lot of practice to be able to play shots with the right depth, and he's making it seem very easy now.