Novak Djokovic v Stanislas Wawrinka AO 2013


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Novak breaks, will serve for the set next.

Stan cooled off and Novak started moving him around more, Stan's defense was never that great, he's extremely dangerous when you give him balls he can tee off.


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I have just turned on the TV, can you guys summarize the match so far please?
Stan was in the zone
Then djoko broke early in 2nd set
Then stan broke him twice
Then djoko started playing better while stan lost confidence, his serve
Also many weird line calls in favor of nole


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Okay, it'll be 1 set-all.

Question: What will Stan do from here?

I still have belief. If Stephanek could keep up with Djokovic for most of the 3 sets to an extent, Wawrinka can definitely do something.


this set itself will stand as one of the biggest chokes of stan ..

1. seppi

2. djoker 2nd set

the whole match cannot be considered a choke... a stan came nowhere close to winning this match


Djokovic really isn't playing all that well. But for a better draw, he'd be out before finals making a clear road for Murray. Of course, Andy still has a pretty solid chance.


great fight put up by stand.. atleat for a set and a half.. none can do that against novak these days..

and stop ****timg him around... if he loses 3rd n 4th set.. hez done enough of his caliber i guess


You can't hit through Djokovic on this court when he's playing like this.
OK - so you just watched a guy hit through Djokovic for a set and a half on this court. The guy's level drops a couple of notches, Novak wins 3 or 4 games and you conclude that Novak can't be hit through on this court when he's 'playing like this'?

I'm not sure that Novak is playing hugely differently to how he was for the first 12 games - a bit less profligant with the UE maybe but not hugely different.

Stan going off is the biggest factor in it being 1 set all (not that this was wholly unexpected).
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My prediction: Stan loses the next two sets just like he won the first


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I don't know if it was that bad of a choke. Stan's level just fell, unfortunately for him at a very crucial time. It's part choke, part order restored. Stan's god mode was fun while it lasted.


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BTW I haven't seen any of Djoker's other matches. Has he been like this, bad/very average in them or was today just random?


so hewitt and courier just disproved the myth that players wear new shoes everyone game..

have read many a post with this suggestion


Game, 2nd set, virtual match to Djoker.

You could see Stan wilting as he realized he might actually have a shot at the match. I guess it's easy to swing freely when you've resigned yourself to losing.