Novak fans, do you think there has been a player you have watched that is superior to him ? If yes why ?

What say you Nolefam

  • No, he is the best player I have seen

    Votes: 36 50.0%
  • Yes, Fraud is slightly better

    Votes: 17 23.6%
  • No, but he might be tied with another

    Votes: 3 4.2%
  • Yes, Ralph is slightly better.

    Votes: 9 12.5%
  • All the big 3 are tied

    Votes: 5 6.9%
  • Xyz is slightly better (specify)

    Votes: 2 2.8%

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Hilarious. He has NO feel for a "net approach" because he hardly ever comes in. How anyone can think a man who cannot volley is the greatest player they've ever watched is a mystery. But it's been shown time and again that the vast majority of Novak fans on this forum have only been watching tennis for 1-3 years. There's no frame of reference, all the past ATG's are unknown entities to them.
"Hardly ever comes in" according to people who don't watch him play matches unless it's against their favorite.

The actual stats tell a different story. Djokovic played 1545 total points at Wimbledon this year, and came to net 230 times, winning 170 of those points. That's good for a 15% net approach rate, and 74% net points won.
For comparison, Fed came in 256 times on 1572 points, and won 203 of those net points. This is a 16% approach rate with a 79% success rate. 1% higher approach rate than Novak despite having a better serve, giving him a better chance of attacking.

In short, Djokovic comes to net 1% less than Federer, who should be our frame of reference. Wow, what a humongous difference! Unless you mean to tell me Fed also "hardly ever comes in"
Haha BeatlesFan absolutely rekt. As always shes talking out of her ass.


Because Sampras actually had fast surfaces to play on. Since 2003 (the vast majority of Roger's career), he's been denied carpet, fast grass and generally fast HC's. And anyway, Roger beat your guy the one and only time they met... on a very fast surface. Put Pete on today's Wimbledon grass and Agassi beats him like a drum every time there.

You must literally have been living in some random basement since 2009 thinking Sampras is better at anything than Fed (besides 6 straight YE #1's). Roger surpassed him in June, 2009 in every other department.
Oh dear. Sampras Agassi h2h on clay is 3-2 agassi, Sampras beat agassi on several slow hardcourts.

Yet you think on modern grass agassi beats Sampras like a drum every time! Your not very knowledgeable about tennis are you?

Records and stats are great but true tennis fans can judge who’s the best player simply by using the eyes in there head.

The tennis tour has changed so much in the last 50 years I have no idea why people still think records and stats matter so much.

I rate Federer 3rd in the open era. It’s not my fault he’s a mental midget.
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I know, it's unreal.
There you go. He is dominating since 5 years.