Novak fans, Novak is finally the GOAT


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Winning every slam, the WTF and all Masters is a totally underrated achievement. This combined with the 4 slams in a row is more impressive than his 300+ weeks.


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Really hard for Djokovic to out-Djokovic a pack of players he has helped to create. "Baby Feds" were useless, Nadalesque players amount to zero, but there are at least 4 quality players modeling their game in his mighty image.


Its a tribute to Novak that almost every Young gun has consciously or sub consciously modelled their game on Novaks.

You want to see Rogers game on TV but at the end of the day you want to have Novaks game in you.
I can see both Djokovic and Nadal winning multiple more slams in their career, but Djokovic finishing short of Nadal in slams and either tied or ahead of Federer.
At that point Fed will clearly be #3 and the real GOAT debate between Djokodal.


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The GOAT of the weakest era the world of tennis has ever seen.
you don't believe but this 'the goat of the weakest era' narrative was created by many fans for fed long before djok became a player we all know him now...see how it's easy to create something when it's not going your way