Novak learned his lesson?

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Of course, you don't want to give your opponent an advantage over you. The only thing is you also don't come back and later refute what you said prior. You can't say I'm 100%, then lose and say I was sluggish.

I came up with substantiated evidence, you just didn't get it.

I see no reason to respond to your sad posts.

I'm going to hold you to this as I find your responses less than compelling. Your last line should get you banned for being extremely inappropriate. Behavior such as yours should be sanctioned.
Trolling such as yours should be sanctioned. Having a shrine with a picture of Nadal and burning incense in your house should be sanctioned. Posting on a tennis forum with completely biased opinions (towards Nadal) should be sanctioned. Having a username, TheTruth that is the exact opposite of what you spew on these boards, should be sanctioned.

Yeah, I responded. I didn't say I wasn't going to.


To me, the most surprising thing today on court was Novak's attitude. He wasn't acting like an arrogant a-hole, even though he was winning. None of that stuff.

Perhaps after getting burned a couple of times in the last few months, he finally learned his lesson? I enjoy his game, but I couldn't stand that attitude of his. Hopefully that will fade into irrelevance, and he will gain new fans.

Anyone with me on this?
I've been with this for a long time : Djokovic just needs time to mature. Agassi was way worse at that age. I think that in a few years Novak will have left all that "stuff" behind, grow into the person and player he really is and be a great ambassador for the sport.


I agree. Novak is young and in just a few years time he has changed considerably. A few years ago I wouldn't have thought I would ever give him a chance, but people mature at different ages. It will be nice if can continue to evolve.

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He needs to grow up a bit. A lot, actually. And, he needs to continue to leave his rude family at home.

But aside from all of that, how exactly was he talked into wearing that pastel outfit? Horrid.