Novak looking almost dangerously skinny...


Is it me or is he looking very skinny here?

We know he's been having health issues what with his fitness, stamina, and conditioning in matches...but he's looking thinner than I've ever seen him. He's always been thin, but I could swear he used to look a bit thicker/wider/bulkier than this. Granted, he's pretty tall (compared to the average guy) so he'll appear even skinnier.





his fitness issues are mental. he's one of the fittest guys on tour.


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To me Djok has always looked like a lean athletic rubberman.
Standing next to Roddick, who has one of the bigger upper bodies on the tour sure he's gonna look leaner.


I think he looks normal. Perhaps our judgement is skewed because most people are so friggin fat these days.


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This is such a bad picture of him LOL. He looks like golem with a tennis racquet

Yeah, definitely wouldn't recommend any additional weight loss. He looks at about the right fighting weight for an ATP pro, IMO.

He's not emaciated as you can't see his ribs and can barely start making out some abs. He was just so darn fat before this new lifestyle regimen.

Here's a pic from 2007:

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b gilbert said the same thing 2 wks ago that novak was losing too much weight, and didnt like the trend of roddick losing weight either..saying he thought their power games are better off with more muscle behind their shots ..
You don't need more muscle to hit harder shots.Djokovic when on can hit devastating groundies like he did against Roger for large periods in Toronto and Roger who is by no means a tank either has got great sting on his strokes when he plays offensively.I think it is more important to be mobile(even if for some players that means less muscle) because most seem to be able to generate a pretty good pace on the ball regardless of size


I think players are starting to realize that excess weight is not helpful for the speed around the court, even if in some cases it is muscle (not Fish or Nalbandian). Extra muscle does very little to help strokes - it is about flexibility and leverage. Agassi got too muscular for a while, but then dropped some weight. Where the extra weight can be helpful is in long endurance in tough conditions - one reason that Capriati beat Hingis in that extremely hot Australian Open final was that she had some fat reserves to draw on, while Hingis collapsed completely.
I think he looks normal. Perhaps our judgement is skewed because most people are so friggin fat these days.

Quoted for truth...what is it with these posts where perfectly normal people who don't gorge themselves at meal times are "skinny" Just LOL.

Come to Asia...anybody over 200 pounds, even if it's all muscle.....and kids call you Fattyyyyyy! and laugh.

I'd say even in North America..if you walked past 100 guys in the street, most of their upper bodies would be much more like novak thaN Roddick..........Andy's a BIG guy as that picture shows.
I agree with the OP. I worried about him a great deal at the rogers cup. He looked miserably thin and out of breath. i forget his opponent now but I do remember how much Novak had to struggle to face the ball


He must have REALLY bad allergies then, because I'm 195 and my allergies and asthma don't bother me at all. Asthma is only a problem when I'm really sick.

All you do all day is sit at a computer. Novak plays sports for a living. Big difference.


Wow, that's mean. And an assumption.

Yeah, that's a big assumption, because I OBVIOUSLY don't play tennis competitively, I obviously don't practice multiple hours a day, I obviously sit on my computer all day.

Fr4nc0, this isn't 4chan, it's a tennis forum. To assume someone who posts on a TENNIS forum does not engage in physical activity and sits on the computer all day is not only asinine, but completely idiotic. I'm not a professional athlete, but I'm FAR from what you accuse me of being, and if you don't even have the common sense to come to that conclusion, then there is no hope for you. Jump off a bridge. You are wasting the world's oxygen supply, and god forbid a women be idiotic or drugged up enough for you to reproduce and pass on your horrible genetic code in the form of offspring. Do the world a favor, and take yourself and your 40 IQ out of the gene pool.


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Thiemo de Bakker is 6'4 and 147 while Davydenko is 5'10 and 151. And even de Bakker isn't really underweight.
It's just different body types.