Novak only players to lose to all 3 in GS finals

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by RF20Lennon, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Not only is djokovic the only one to lose to Fed, Rafa, Andy in GS finals (fed 2007 USO Rafa RG 2012 Murray USO 2012) he also lost to all three of them in slams this year! Rafa RG Roger wimby Andy USO Discuss.
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    They all watched the Film in 2011 and figured out 2.0 Novak.

    I don't think his level has dropped as much as people say. I think the top guys adjusted and played smarter.

    Fed / Kept points short to stay out of Rallies
    Rafa/ changed racquet weight and stopped giving him all the short balls to put away.
    Murray/ Beat him with fitness (I mean 54 shot rallies?)
    I know people say PUSHER!...but it takes great athletic ability to keep a rally like that going in the heat of competition on the biggest stage in tennis.

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