"Now or Never" a poem about the career of James Blake

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    Jan 25, 2007
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    He's twenty nine, he's past his prime, he's full of heart but low on time.
    He overcame injury, illness and loss,
    And fought his way back, to the elite, to the top.

    They said he'd be great as he entered his prime,
    with talent to spare, and still room to climb,

    But he's always fallen short when it mattered the most,
    even though he's achieved more than many supposed.

    He's clinging to the top by a weak fraying thread,
    and his toughest challenge lies just ahead.

    With everything to play for, and everything to lose
    He enters the new season with something to prove

    Its not about fame, or fortune or pride,
    But about being the best, if for just one time.

    With two weeks to play he must keep his head together,
    Its all or nothing, its now or never.

    GO JAMES!!!

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