nPro or nTour or Aeropro


k so here's the deal. i once used an aero pro to better my game from a 2.5 level to maybe a 3.0. I'm approx 3.5-4 right now and i use the RDX 500 cuz i picked it up once and found it superior to the aeropro, with far better control.

Now that everyone around me got better, i need the power back in my game that the aero pro offered but without the power. unfortunately, i sold my old aeropro and dont' have it so i'm planning to demo it.

i already demoed the nPro and nTour. I loved the nPro better by alot, but i felt i could hit a better quality ball with the nTour, but that could just be my bias. another option is to get another aero pro... hmmm.... help me ppl.


the nPro open is the better of the two in my opinion i have one that i use sparingly but i still love feels similar to a pure drive with less stiffness


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the npro has more power the ntour has more control, the aero pro has a lots more power and if you cannot topspin heavily you'll have a hard time controlling the ball. it's a question of your abilities and your preferences, no one can suggest you to use a racquet, that's a decision you just have to make yourself and it should fit your gamestyle.


you should try the Prince Hybrid tour, has almost the same weight than the RDX and also lots of power. Still a frame of 95 (same as the ntour):grin:


the npro is the first npro, the one without any pws or anything. I do love the power and stability of it, but when i'm stuck with playing defence, the nPro doesn't measure up to either racquet. thats the dillema.