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    Jul 19, 2008
    I am interesting in developing a complete and accurate listing of all events that the NTL players (Laver, Rosewall, Gonzales, Gimeno, Emerson and Stolle) participated in during 1968. This listing includes all NTL events, joint WCT/NTL events and open tournaments in which any or all of the NTL players participated.

    Based on the McCauley book and other sources I have developed the following list of events and final results:

    NTL 1968
    1. 3/23-3/25 NTL Buenos Aires F Laver d Gonzales
    2. 3/29-4/1 NTL Bogota F Gimeno d Stolle
    3. 4/7-4/9 NTL Los Angeles CA - postponed
    4. 4/10-4/14 Hollywood FL F Emerson d Rosewall
    5. 4/15 Cannes Gimeno d Stolle
    6. 4/18 BBC2 Wembley F Laver d Rosewall
    7. 4/19-4/20 NTL Paris F Rosewall d Gimeno
    8. 4/22-4/28 BHC Open Bournemouth F Rosewall d Laver
    (All 6 NTL men participated)
    9. 5/3-5/6 NTL Wembley F Laver d Rosewall
    10. 5/13-5/18 NTL Madison Square Garden NY NY F Laver d Rosewall
    11. 5/27-6/9 French Open F Rosewall d Laver
    (All 6 NTL men participated)
    12. 6/10-6/15 Kent Beckenham Open F Stolle d Emerson
    (Stolle, Emerson and Gimeno participated)
    13. 6/12-6/16 US Pro Longwood Boston MA (with WCT) F Laver d Newcombe
    (The final was postponed until 9/10)
    14. 6/17-6/22 Queens Open F (rained out; Graebner vs Okker)
    (Laver, Stolle, Emerson and Gimeno participated)
    15. 6/24-7/6 Wimbledon Open F Laver d Roche
    (All 6 NTL men participated)
    16. 7/9-7/15 French Pro Clay (with WCT) F Laver d Newcombe
    17. 7/17-7/19 NTL Los Angeles CA F Gonzales d Laver
    18. 7/24-7/26 NTL Oakland CA F Stolle d Gonzales
    19. 8/8-8/11 NTL Binghamton NY F Gimeno d Stolle
    20. 8/15-8/18 NTL Ft. Worth TX F Rosewall d Gimeno
    21. 8/29-9/8 US Open F Ashe d Okker
    (All 6 NTL men participated)
    13 again. 9/10 US Pro F (see above)
    22. 9/16-9/22 PSW Open F Laver d Rosewall
    (All 6 NTL men participated)
    23. 9/28-10/1 NTL Midland TX F Gonzales d Emerson
    24. 10/4-10/7 NTL Corpus Christi TX F Laver d Gimeno
    25. (Dates in Oct or Nov?) NTL Sao Paulo Laver W RR 3-0
    26. (Dates in Oct or Nov?) NTL La Paz Laver W RR 3-0
    27. (part of RR played on 11/1) NTL Lima Stolle W RR 3-0
    28. 11/2-11/10 Buenos Aires Open F Emerson d Laver
    29. 11/7 Marseille Gonzales d Rosewall
    30. 11/10 Lyon Rosewall d Gonzales
    31. 11/15-11/21 Wembley Tournament of Champions (with WCT)
    F Rosewall d Newcombe
    32. 11/27-12/1 Madison Square Garden NY NY (with WCT)
    F Roche d Gonzales

    A separate thread on this board mentioned an NTL Moscow tournament in August. Does anyone have results, dates or other details of that event?

    Is anyone aware of any additional events held between Oakland and Binghamton or between Ft Worth and the US Open?

    Any corrections or additions to the list are appreciated.
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    Jul 19, 2008
    I have also found some reference to an exhibition event held in Chicago IL or Evanston IL in early December 1968 (12/3 or 12/4). Some NTL players may have been involved with this event.

    Anyone with further details?
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    Feb 27, 2008
    ntl team match usa v aus

    laver and rosewall represented aus. gonxales , ralston, buchholz and pasarell played for usa. the aussies won.

    laver beat ralston and pasarell; rosewall beat gonzales and lost to buchholz .


  4. AndrewTas

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    Dec 28, 2007

    Looked at the list. According to reports there were 3 tournaments played in South America, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Bogota.


    Until today I didn't find the winner of Sao Paulo, but according to this report in the Melbourne Age Laver defeated Gonzales in the final of a three day tournament on March 21 (or March 20). In the next tournament played in Buenos Aires Laver also defeated Gonzales in the final.


    I haven't yet found reference to the Moscow tournament and I don't think there are any other missing tournaments in the list.

    Laver's win in Sao Paulo means his tournament tally has increased to 196 (+ 1 shared) from 528 tournaments.

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