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    Mar 29, 2005
    I just tried the o3 yesterday in mini-tennis and i would lke to share with you some of the thingd i saw!
    I tried a red O3 with holes all over but i noticed the holes actually decrease the sweetspot so that you hit the ball with the most of the center of the racquet ever! it is very hard to do so in a midplus racquet with such a big frame so the holes only cover a certain sweetpot of the strings..i was disapointed with this. Then i noticed it is pretty light and is pretty managable to play with so you can twis your wrist around and the racquet will be there. One thing i disliked what that the O3 holes around the racquet frame have this thin channels to where the racquet strings fit so this decreases the string freedom but the holes are pretty hard to notice. I noticed as well that where the strings touch the frame it is very lubricated so they are free to move just aas the woofer in the Babolat. The only thing i wonder is if the racquet frame will stand a good racquet throw cause of the holes so that it doesnt break unless the material is pretty dense on the thin parts of the holes between them. I liked a lot the vibration damepener that comes on the strings it looks cool .

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