Odd Wrist Injury


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Hi There

Looking for a bit of advice if anyone has experience or dealt with a similar problem.

I essentially had a weird fall where I landed on my fist on the ground - didn't hurt too much at the time and by normal day to day is absolutely fine with no pain what-so-ever, other than certain movements. The movements mainly relate to my thumb, so for example pressing down on a table with just my thumb (and palm raised up) is extremely painful down the left side of my wrist. It's a rare movement/thing to do (I don't feel any pain when typing, holding anything or anything else - unless putting pressure on my thumb or underneath my thumb (on the joint).

When playing tennis, my serve has 0 power because when I try to hit through, it hurts like hell. In addition, volleys are extremely painful. Rallying from the back of the court (fore or back) feels absolutely fine unless I really go for a shot and don't connect fully in the center of the racket.

I took 3 weeks out, wearing a wrist brace, icing and taking care of it. Came back yesterday (knowing it was still a little painful with those movements above) and it still hurt like hell while playing mostly. Today though, it feels as it has done for the past 3 weeks.

So at this point, I'm wondering whether this is a matter of "I'm going to need to take some serious time off - another month or so until it doesn't hurt at all putting pressure on my thumb", or if it's a "I need to do lots of wrist excercises every single day till this thing feels better"

In terms of seeing a doctor, I'm travelling for work so plan to see one later this week if this sounds unusual :) I also don't want to waste doctors time if it's a more common kind of thing.

Cancer is common but that doesn't mean it's wasting the doctor's time [or yours].

I'd see some kind of medical pro; if not a family doctor, than a PT or chiro or someone with knowledge.

And I'd do this before deciding between rest and exercise since exercise might aggravate an injury.


Don't feel like you are wasting a Doctor's time when it concerns you're health. If anythng the Doc may order an MRI to confirm of any long term damage. If there is no real damage then the appropriate rest/rehab is in order but how many times have people ignored symptoms or felt ashamed or uneasy about asking a doctor questions?

I have a Dr. Friend who tells me that if only his patients would just communicate with them about what bothers them then things would be so much better.