off center vibration dampener placement?


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I know this sounds crazy. Probably is. But last night I was playing a match and noticing the stringbed on my Head Graphene EX Extreme Pro was feeling great, that perfect blend of comfort and response, and I was playing well. Won the first set 6-2. At some point, I realize the dampener is not in the center, but one string away. I switch it to the middle and it *seems* the racquet didn't feel as good. (I end up losing the second set badly, but winning in a tight third-set tiebreaker, but probably unrelated to this).

Has anyone experienced this? ... I know, crazy.
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Symmetric dampener placement decreases string vibrations much more quickly than assymmetric. That was what you were feeling. You can get this same effect by moving the dampener towards the throat rather than up near the bottom cross.


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I have notised myself how sound is affected by moving the dampener further up/down
I was hitting against the wall at the time, so I got to really home-in on the "pitch",,
so no surprice you notised differences from moving the dampener around
btw, #64 rubber bands are the ULTIMATE dampeners,, you can tie 2,4,6,8 strings if you like...
join the club if interested :
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Not sure if tennis is like golf but most the "feel" from hitting the ball in golf is actually the brain interpreting the sound. I can't deal with a high pitched pingy sound when hitting the ball.