Official Sureshs tribute thread

Which t-shirt design is the better of the two?

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A quick lunch AYCE raid at Royal India.

Wee knead two no wut Hee deevoured twoknight at P.F. Chang’s. Eye guess at leased three orderz uv Mongolian Pot Sticquers juiced two start.
Getting a hold of their menu online should suffice.
I think you knead two no HOW MUCH he deevoured townight knot watt.


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Sureshs can now bankrupt the owner of PF Changs to avenge the world for the coronawalrus. The world is behind Sureshs.

I have chequed all the newspapers but can't find any mention of Sabooshez visit to pf Chang.
Now about to check the latest Time, Newsweek, Life, Scala and Reader's digest. Someone's gotta have covered The Sureshs.


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At P.F. Changs now for the first time since reopening!

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Mr. Modi et al will not be happy to hear this. Some of his chaps are asking for closure.

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Cant sleep
But just a thought
It’d be great to see sureshs dressed up as Santa
Sureshs can dress as Santa and he has been known to drag his huge sack across people's living rooms in search for milk and cookies. But California just pa.s.s.ed a law recently that requires private residences and businesses to widen their chimneys to Sureshs's ample standards before a proper Sureshsmas can be celebrated again.