Official Sureshs tribute thread

Which t-shirt design is the better of the two?

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giggles, the electronic line calling will fail regularly due to some unrecognized obstruction.
but that doesn't matter much to Saboosh, as long as they don't introduce such electronic systems to call for noncompliance with the AYCE Buffet portions
and that doesn't matter much to Saboosh as long as PF Chang doesn't introduce the 25 seconds timer when entering their WC
25 seconds per drop volley is quite reasonibble, I ashore you. That's what the roll book says and it is Saboosh approved. He usually takes only 10-14 seconds per volley on the everidge witch is one of the fastest times on the planet.


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Sad for Tsurubuchi. But we must not allow any person to yell during a match because yelling can transmit the virus. There shouldn't be any ball kids either. They shouldn't be on the front line fighting against covid infested players yelling at their face.
You mite ass swell not have Tsurubooshi play at all. Not having crazed fans yelling while he strikes the ball is like asking soccer fans in Brittle not to drink, fight and smash chairs.

You cannot change the spirit of the game, Sir or Madam.


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we shouldn't allow people in the public toilets as well, cause the water splash creates a potentially dangerous and infected cloud.
so bring everything back home baby.
Whoa there.
Wait. Wow. Wait.

Dry toilets have been invented, Good Sir, if the ssplashs is all you are afraid of.

End you are not accounting for the Claudes that well be released with each laser topspin forehand.


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The Sureshs is busy revamping his 2020 brand. Retooling product lines and increasing media exposure have both proven to be a challenge in these times.
The Sureshs'es autographs are selling like hot cakes (pardon the French).
Our marketing strageties are therefore to sell hot cakes a long with The Sureshs' Otto Graf.


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The ease whith wich you have replaced Dali shows that he was just one-dimensional with little variety.

Now you need to go beyond Dali. He went in circles, poor chap. He was fine in the beginning but then after hitting his head against Sabooshez belly, things went South.
So you’re saying u don’t believe in Sapoosh and don’t want to train with Jeejo’s Elite team of advanced champion level trainers?

Wow. Over. Wait. Wow. Unreal.



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So many tennis players would find themselves at the 4.0 level instead of stuck at the 3.5 level if only they believed in the sureshs, instead of themselves


LOL you are brutal!
Sureshs looks more like an aircraft carrier from behind.
A neighbor of mine was two french fries short of Dali and he got committed last month. So I can't imagine what going beyond Dali would be like.
Youth inn Asia should be painless.
Scale vs Sureshs? Scale has no chance.
The US Army, of coarse.
Is it true that Sureshs was debate champion at his High School?

I heard his arguments weren't particularly good, but his rebuttals were brutal.


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Dined in at an Indian restaurant on Tuesday and they had a reduced menu. Told them I wanted the Malai Kofta balls which was not on the menu but they made it for me.

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