Oh no!! Now, all we'll get to watch is Serena & Venus..


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...and maybe Lindsey and Jennifer (if they keep going), now that there are no more American men left in the draw at the French. ESPN, PLEASE make me wrong! :(

Eurosport broadcasts to the entire region, so we get to see at lot of European players. Today they showed Zvonareva-Serna, Mayer-Escude and Henin's match, yesterday the last part of Clement-Santoro. I like their coverage a lot. Hingis is doing ok as an expert analyzer at the beginning of every session.

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We'll get to see some second week matches involving the men. Last year Espn did show all of Kuerten-Robredo 4R, Robredo-Costa QF, Ferrero-Gonzalez QF. We'll definitely see more Federer now that Roddick & Agassi are out because he's the only other men's player that Espn is willing to show semi-regularly(probably because he wins so much, it's hard to ignore him)