Oh that Justin and Andy....


Justin Gimelstob, a New Jersey native, former pro tennis player and nonrunner, had $10,000 on the line against his friend Andy Roddick. They bet that Gimelstob would finish in four hours, 45 minutes, or else he had to write a check to The Andy Roddick Foundation. Since he finished the race in four hours, nine minutes, Roddick has to hand over the $10,000 for the Justin Gimelstob Children's Fund for children with cancer and blood diseases, which is linked to the Valentine Fund.

Well it went to a good cause...:)


Hall of Fame
"well done Gimelstob. you beat oprah's time by 20 minutes! not bad for a professional athlete ...just waiting for those wiring details"
-- Andy Roddick


Valerie Fund, not Valentine Fund.

Amelie Mauresmo finished in 3:40 or so. Jonathan Stark finished in 4:20 or so. I think his wife ran with him. I don't remember what Yannick Noah's time was.