Ok its hot I get it.


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The US Open without heat is like this board without rampant sexism.

Why aren't there more male tennis player butt threads? You have to admit there are some absolutely awesome dude's booty on court in Arthur Ashe stadium this week.
Most of the board is made up of (presumably straight) men. That's 1 big reason.


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Well too bad, I think it's time to start rubbing regal male backside in a few sexist faces. Objectification is good for the soul and often the maturity level.

And maybe the reason there are so many men here is because the level of sexism makes some women feel uncomfortable and find other places to discuss tennis.
Be my guest. I have never reported a picture of a guy before. I usually just skip them or make a joke every now and again.


In related news, "Stevie Johnson tragically lost his father last year. None of us can possibly imagine what he must be going through as he plays." And especially in this heat.

Also, in case you weren't aware, "in an effort to increase his on court motivation and positivity, Kevin Anderson is 'channeling his inner Nadal' and saying "Come on' more frequently." Even in this heat.


I agree it gets tiring but they are tennis players and they should be used to playing in these conditions. Most of them train in Florida which is like living in a swamp. If they can't handle it then it is bad preparation.
It will get much better after Wednesday but it may possibly rain.
The humidity is the problem not so much the heat. East coast humidity is the worse, I was in California and it was 112 degrees and it felt good cause it was dry heat.

They should let the guys play without their shirts on.