Old junior rankings

Does anyone know of a resource to track down old junior rankings? Specifically, I am looking for North Carolina rankings from the mid 1990s. All USTA sites I have found only go back to about 2001. Back then the rankings and the tourneys for the upcoming year were published in a magazine that was mailed out to everyone. Unfortunately, I don't know what became of mine.
I am not having any luck with web based resources. Not much was on the web in the mid 1990s. Someone is bound to either (1) have their old USTA NC yearly guide, or (2) have scanned it and put it on their own website.


how about contacting the North Carolina Tennis Assocation office and asking if they have a copy of their old yearbooks for the 90's. I would hope they, of all people, would have kept at least one copy for their archives. Maybe they could find the rankings you are looking for and scan/email/fax you a copy.


i think i've got some of the ranking magazines from my junior days in the early to mid 1990s. however they are at my parent's house which is a couple of hours away.


I asked my pops too. He's looking tomorrow and if you tell me what divisions and years you need, I can post them up.


I would love to see on paper my national ranking of 132 (granted out of 150!) when I played in the 16 and Under Girls Division in 1994. Oh the glory days! hahaha I have attempted to find this with no luck. I think there is something called The USTA Yearbook where you can find rankings.