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Some of the tournaments that I've been used to seeing have decent draws have seemed to be having smaller draws these days. As I was wandering around the web looking at tournament results, I happened across these two:


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Are things getting significantly worse of late??

less players at all events everywhere

people have less money to spend

higher gas prices

its really sad


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Also in Ohio we run into the trap of people checking the draw, seeing no one, and then deciding not to play. I know because my play group at the club does it all the time. We talk about a tournament, check the applicants on somebody's phone and then schedule a court at our club because no one is signed up yet. If we signed up, more would follow ad infinitum.


Adult tournament events and participation has been decreasing for the last 20+ years. While that sounds bad, and is in some ways, USTA League participation continues to maintain and grow participation numbers. League play is an easy way out for tennis clubs and pros to support adult tennis. They are time consuming, don't bring in much revenue take teaching pros time away from making money teaching lessons. Yea, I know, not all clubs and tennis pros look at it this way, but most do. This combined with higher gas prices as mentioned have been the main cause of adult tournament decrease.

I've brought this to the attention of the USTA and written them. I proposed League free weeks 4 times a year to allow for tennis tournaments to compete. League play of some sort is available most all year around in many areas. Most league players when picking between playing a tournament with match times not determined until a day or two before the the tournament starts the same weekend they are needed for 1 or 2 league matches, choose league.

I do believe that adult tournament play should be actively encouraged, promoted and supported by the USTA. But they seem to be fine with league growth only. I could go on.


Well, speaking for myself, I used to play a LOT of tournaments---26 one year (that was my max). On average I played 12-15 a year for a number of years. However, prices just kept going up and up and up. Now, a plain old NTRP tournament can easily cost you $40-$50 and that is for one event only. If you play doubles as well, you've invested $75-$100 before you even step on a court. Factor in time, gas costs, food costs, etc., and a weekend tournament now can be a very, very pricy event. I love tournament play, but lots of club pros have simply turned these events into cash cows. Now I play very few. And the sad thing is, you don't have to charge those exorbitant entry fees to put on a tournament. I used to direct tournaments every year, charging $20 for singles and $25 for a doubles team. We provided fresh fruit and drinks throughout the tournament, gave away t-shirts, had pizza, and we STILL made money. That can still be done. But greed has taken over and now people don't want to host a tournament unless they can make $5000 a weekend on one. Sad.
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On the women's side there are a few tournaments that do an amazing job and they continue to get draws. One of the best examples is the women's clay court classic in Houston. During the recession, they actually increased the number of lunches provided to try to encourage people to play the tournament. There are some others on the schedule that do a good job as well.

Over time people will stop going to the tournaments that dont have good amenities unless its strictly for points.


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Sign of the times. I'm only playing local or short drive tournaments - or traveling to towns my wife and I want to visit anyway for a mini-vacation.
It is getting too spendy for a tournament only trip. The $40 entry fee isn't as big a burden as hotels, meals and so on.