Old Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 where can find the O port grommets?


Those have been unavailable for many years. Retailers get rid of them soon after the frame is no longer sold. Only place would be the auction sites; maybe the GSS Alliance website; and that place in Georgia where you have to give up either an Arm and Leg or your 1st born.


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Do you mean the port grommets, as opposed to the stringhole grommets?

I may have a spare set. I'll check this evening.
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tennis machines has them.
go to the prince bumpers and grommets,
select Exo3 rebel ms (the spiderweb looking frame)
then select tx220a
(make sure this is the code in your throat, otherwise you want the exo3 rebel 95 and tx275a this one is the mostly yellow one)


Thanks everyone for the tips , yes I just realized there are 2 versions. The spiderweb and the yellow ones.


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alligator or spiderweb :) It was a good frame (and there are several prostocks on the big auction site from an awesome dude who has gotten me a ton of amazing frames!! All Prince, all prostock, all new condition) Lol, I think he commented in this thread!!!