Olympics 2012 SF: (2) Novak Djokovic vs (3) Andy Murray:

Who take this one?

  • Djok in straight

    Votes: 12 12.2%
  • Djok in 3

    Votes: 15 15.3%
  • Muzz in straight

    Votes: 16 16.3%
  • Muzz in 3

    Votes: 31 31.6%
  • Wimbledon roof is the bomb!

    Votes: 3 3.1%
  • ...but Rosol is better

    Votes: 21 21.4%

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Djokovic is steal this set, slaughter that phony Brit and send him packing back to Scotland.

Have faith people, have faith. :)


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Djoko doesn't have the Serbian winner craziness bursting out.

Yeah, he doesn't have that spark when you feel like he's an unstoppable machine from the baseline and you'll have to throw everything you have at him to beat him, he seems almost subdued or something.


Have Gaston Gaudio on commentary, has been there since the Fed match. Hasn't missed a hawkeye prediction yet.....


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Novak has a BH! Nice change of pace from him there.

Murray comes up with a bomb, he's very clutch today with his serve.


Federer will definitely want to see Djokovic in the final.
No way he wants to see Murray who has home support and confidence off of the Wimbledon final.


The Federer-Del Potro match was epic, but I'll take this matchup any day of the week, even if it's less exciting here.

That last point was a perfect example. Not often you find a match where both player's backhands are so good. It's like a winner could be blasted from any of the four corners of the court.
I definitely don't get that feeling from Murray/Djokovic matches. It is as if both of them are incapable of hitting winners on a consistent basis. They love to rally around and their explosive lateral court coverage makes sure that winners are kept to a minimum. They played for 5 hours at AO and both finished with more UEs than Winners

I'd take Federer/Del Potro any day. They actually strike more winners from the baseline and the net and the statistics show it.


cannot believe this.
never thought Djoko would let Murray get into him like this.
very disappointing.


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Federer is on a mission like nadal was at 2010 USO. Nothing will stop him.

Except the wind.

And crying babies.

And maybe himself :/


We need to pray.... altogether now.